“The great plan of happiness revealed to prophets is the plan for a happy family.
It is the love story between husband and wife, parents and children, that renews itself through the ages” (Boyd K. Packer).

Monday, March 19, 2012


Yesterday was one of those exhausting days where it felt like I was fighting with my two youngest kids all. day. long.  

Towards the end of the day we were finally reunited with Daddy, who got to have his share of the little wiggle worms.  I was somewhat gratified to see that they wouldn't cooperate for him, either - but not really.  It was just tiring to have the constant little noises and distractions when I was trying to listen to a great talk.

When the meeting first started, the speaker had stopped mid-sentence towards the beginning of his comments and told all the parents (and he even made eye-contact with me) not to worry about their children.  He said the children are not bothering anyone else except you.  I want to explain, though, that this was not a regular church service, and so the same level of reverence that you would expect there was not necessary.   Therefore, he said to go ahead and ignore the screaming.  ;-)   

After the meeting, the elderly couple behind us smilingly complimented us on how well-behaved our children were.  I was completely surprised because I had spent the entire meeting wishing that child number five wouldn't hum to herself QUITE so loudly.  I love her quiet humming...but sometimes her enthusiasm is distracting.   It was a lesson to me that what the speaker had said was true - I was the one most disturbed by my children.  A huge part of my feelings during that meeting had to do with the already long and rough day, and a lack of a solid night's sleep on my part.  We were all hungry and tired at that point.  But really the kids were being pretty good - it was my perceptions that were off.

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