“The great plan of happiness revealed to prophets is the plan for a happy family.
It is the love story between husband and wife, parents and children, that renews itself through the ages” (Boyd K. Packer).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Husbands need to be loved

Sister Beck:   "Husbands need to be loved.  That creates a feeling and climate of faith, hope, and charity in a home, which the world does not teach. It is okay for a wife to cook for her husband. I have a niece who was married recently, and her mother said, “It’s okay for you to cook for your husband. You should do it. It’s a sign of your love for him and of how you want to take care of him and nurture him.” The world would not teach you that, but the gospel does. Love at home creates a climate of faith, hope, and charity. We have to work for it and strive for it" (2009 BYU Women's Conference).

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