“The great plan of happiness revealed to prophets is the plan for a happy family.
It is the love story between husband and wife, parents and children, that renews itself through the ages” (Boyd K. Packer).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Purposes of Women

"In our presidency, we have talked about three lifelong responsibilities that Latter-day Saint
women have to help them prepare for the blessings of eternal life. First, we are to increase faith
and personal righteousness. We have heard much about that at this women’s conference. Second,
we have a responsibility to strengthen families and homes, and third, we have a responsibility to
seek out and help those who have needs—any kind of needs. We are a relief society and that is
what we do. We provide relief from all that hinders the joy and progress of women and all of
Heavenly Father’s children" (Julie B. Beck, 5/1/09, "Nourishing and Protecting the Family" BYU Women's Conference).

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